Visor compatible with MOMODESIGN helmet

Visor compatible with MOMODESIGN® helmetVisor compatible with MOMODESIGN® helmet. On the outside the FK visor has an anti-scratch treatment ensuring transparency and durability. The visor has a thicknessof 1.5 mm and is produced in high quality polycarbonate.

It is available in eight colours:

  • Transparent,
  • Dark smoke,
  • Silver mirror,
  • Blue mirror,
  • Red mirror,
  • Gold mirror,
  • Pink mirror,
  • Green mirror.

As we always do, to produce this visor we have been taking care of all production phases, from technical design to the mold and then the final product. We have been focusing on creating a perfect fitting visor for your MOMODESIGN® helmet.

Visor is the most important component of the helmet after the shell. For this reason, we only use high quality polycarbonate.