Motorbike visor cleaner

The visor is one of the most delicate part of the helmet. That’s why extra care is required in visor maintenance.

Motorbikes liquid visor cleaner FK cleanerV has been designed to lengthen the life of a visor and preserve the maximum optical purity. Our specially-created formula has been used for years by our qualified technicians and it is now available for sale.


Code: 70-0110

Size: 100 ml

UFI: 0KXH-101G-1207-7X8A

The motorcycle liquid visor cleaner FK cleanerV:

  • Removes dust and dirt from all types of visors
  • Is safe to use on all treatments, also Anti Fog treatment which needs special care during cleaning
  • Evaporates and does not leave behind a smear
  • Contains no ingredients which could damage either the helmet or the visor