Milling is a mechanical process that is carried out by removing excess material. The chip removal ensures that the milling machine is able to create the final product from a sheet of material. Depending on the material to be processed, which due to the type of processing, must still be resistant will use a different cutter.
The cutter is the tool mounted on the milling machine and can be of different types:

With offset teeth
To blunt
The difference is due to the geometries on the tool.

Stage of production

The milling working cycle is divided mainly into two phases:

Roughing: where a large amount of material is removed in a relatively short time.
The finish: where the material removal is more modest and the final shape is created.
The milling allows to minimize the timing between drawing and realization of the final product. The work process is very precise and allows a high customization, this is due to the export of excess material.

Milling is particularly recommended for the creation of non symmetrical shapes or with high complexity. The use of this process allows to realize: holes, slits, pockets, grooves or three-dimensional profiles.

Our experience

Through the milling machine we are able to produce visors for helmets of quality and relatively contained timing.

Once the project has been defined and the initial drawing has been carried out, a series production can be started thanks to milling. FK Visors over the years has specialized in the realization of objects obtained from planed milling.

FK Visors offers its experience in milling, accompanying the customer from the design to the realization of the final product.
We are specialized in the production of products obtained from milling machines. Our experience allows us to support you in every production phase helping you to achieve the result hoped for

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